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Inquiry-based College Counseling is set up for you to take full ownership of your life by building a repertoire of decision-making exercises that you can use forever.

Every exercise we engage in together is intentionally designed to introduce tools, skills, and mindsets for understanding who you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. While we will be utilizing them to guide you to college (or wherever your postsecondary dreams take you), they can be called upon throughout your life.

Appreciative Inquiry Walk


It starts with getting outside; literally. In order to learn more about you and your goals and interests, we start by taking a walk together. Walking allows us to be thoughtful and honest in ways that sitting across from one another doesn’t. During our walk, I use a technique called ‘appreciative inquiry’ where I will ask you a series of strategic questions about your past, present, and future self. Some of the questions are designed to help me understand you better; and some are designed to help you understand yourself better.

Spiral Journaling


The Spiral Journaling process is a powerful reflective exercise adapted from Lynda Barry, artist and writer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Putting pen to paper, you will draw a spiral and then reflect on four prompts in a stream-of-consciousness fashion. These prompts are designed to help you get closer to your ‘why’ or your purpose in life as you see it now. Your reflections will provide a touchstone for us and the decisions you will make as you apply to colleges.

Narrowing & Prioritizing


Using a stack of Corsava cards, you will sort through your college preferences and priorities. From here, we will research and create a list of schools to explore and place them into three groups based on acceptance rates (competitiveness) . At this meeting, you will also set up the organizational systems you will need to monitor your application process and prepare for exams (SATs and/or ACTs as well as AP or IB exams).