Networking, Interviews, and Recommendations


Networking and interviewing skills are rarely taught in school, though they are arguably the most essential skills we need in almost every field of study. You will identify events to attend and practice how to engage in networking conversations all in an effort to demonstrate interest in the schools you’re applying to. You will learn how to reach out to students and alumni, develop questions and anticipate their questions in role play scenarios. Finally, you will develop a “brag sheet” to reflect your multidimensionality (grades, accolades, jobs, interests). Using this, you will secure commitments from counselors, teachers, and coaches for writing strong letters of recommendation on your behalf and learn the fine art of writing the “perfect thank you card.”

Personal Essay and Writing Support


Your personal essay and short answer responses are as important to admissions teams as your standardized test scores and high school transcript. These pieces of writing offer you the opportunity to show who you are (and how you effectively you express yourself) beyond the numbers. You will practice efficient and effective drafting, learn how to solicit valuable feedback from others, and edit some of your finest pieces of writing yet.

Time Management & Stress Reduction


You will assess your current time management and self care practices and learn new ones that focus on balancing classes, extracurriculars, the college application process, and self care. You will also explore and practice research-based techniques and tools that can help you reduce stress and anxiety during and after college.