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Inquiry Partners is a global organization dedicated to increasing critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills through powerful inquiry-based professional development coaching and videos for teachers and trainers.

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    Each video explores one of the “inquiry five” strategies in depth with brief descriptions of the research base, examples from elementary, middle and high school classrooms and multiple subject areas, and a set of next steps for applying the strategies and evaluating the impact. There are five videos in the Inquiry Five series, each one designed to fit into a one-hour meeting (and easily adjustable for different time-frames). The videos are each approx. 15 minutes in length and intentionally designed to be used in conjunction with individual and group activities to provoke discussion and encourage reflection.

    The i5 Video Series Also Includes:
    • A detailed Workshop Agenda and Facilitator Guide for each video
    • A list of curated Resources to accompany each video
    • Inquiry Partners Observation Forms and Protocols
    • The Inquiry Unit Plan Template
    • The i5 Classroom Diagnostic

    How Much Do The i5 Video Series Cost?
    Inquiry Partners is offering all five workshops at a special Back-To-School rate of USD$450 if you order by December 31, 2014 (these will be priced at USD$550 starting January 1, 2015). The videos are often used for whole staff meetings, department meetings, PLCs and Critical Friends Groups and at parent meetings to showcase some of the strategies teachers will be using in the school and to encourage parents to try these at home as well.

    We accept all major credit cards and purchase orders. The video series can be immediately downloaded upon payment or we can send a flashdrive and workshop guide by first class mail to those whose internet connections are not reliable.

    All the videos are MAC/PC HTML5 and MP4 ready and can be played on phones, tablets and other multimedia devices including Blu Ray players, XBOX, Playstation and a lot of devices that have usb and internet inputs.  CHOOSE THE BUY NOW BUTTON BELOW TO ORDER THE VIDEOS IN DOWNLOAD, USB THUMBDRIVE, OR STREAMING FORMATS.




    What Will Happen As a Result of These Video Workshops?
    The video workshops are designed to, first and foremost, dramatically improve students’ critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills. They achieve this by demonstrating how teachers can implement simple structures and facilitate classroom conversations to increase student engagement and participation – at every grade level, in every subject area. Teachers, school and organizational leaders and parents who have engaged in our video workshops report the following outcomes:

    I learned how to:
    • Engage even the most reluctant students in discussions
    • Motivate students to stick with difficult material
    • Increase the amount of time my students are discussing content-based ideas
    • Improve relationships (students-students; teacher-students; students-content)
    • Dramatically improve satisfaction ratings among staff, students and parents
    • Grow students’ critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills

    What Topics Do You Cover?
    There are five key strategies discussed in the i5 Video Series. Here is an overview:

    View Workshop #2 Guide:  Ask More Talk Less (PDF)








    Workshop #1: Get Personal
    Creating strong emotional bonds
    • The importance of integrating storytelling as a tool for learning
    • Understanding how to use the school community for project/problem based learning opportunities
    • Increasing student-to-student talk
    • Demonstrating how (appropriately) provocative images and controversial statements can increase participation and interest

    Workshop #2: Ask More; Talk Less
    Placing the cognitive demand where it belongs: on the students
    • Setting up the structures an habits for successful student-to-student dialogue
    • Asking great questions (higher on Bloom’s Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge)
    • Digging deeper to assess true student understanding

    Workshop #3: Encourage Evidence
    Habituating source citing and analysis
    • Honoring personal experiences as a source of information
    • Getting students to regularly analyze their sources of information for potential bias
    • Regularly citing our own sources as teachers
    • Addressing “The Google Generation”

    Workshop #4: Maintain Neutrality
    Creating classrooms where students take risks with their ideas
    • Pivoting from responding to asking more questions
    • Holding back teacher reactions by enlisting the classroom instead

    Workshop #5: Increase Thinking Time
    Taking time to smell the roses of learning
    • Extending ‘Wait Time’
    • Integrating ‘Mindfulness’





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    Professional Development For Teachers
    Do your teachers need to experience inquiry, not just talk about it? We come to your school community to demonstrate all five strategies. We start with an interactive inquiry lesson and discussion with staff, followed by a day of demonstrating lessons in classrooms with your students participating and your teachers observing. We will leave each participant with a reminder of the strategies to keep in their classroom. Please click here to reserve this two-day experience and receive a quote.


    Parent & Community Common Core (or IB) Road Show 
    How well does your parent community and community at large understand the Common Core, International Baccalaureate and/or the philosophy behind inquiry teaching and what this means for their students? Do they know what kinds of instructional shifts are implied with new assessments and recommended 21st C learning skills? If not, we can help! We will come and facilitate an interactive 75-minute workshop to address these questions. Starting with a simulated inquiry lesson, we engage parents and community in an instructional conversation showcasing powerful instructional strategies that reinforce critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills. Please click here to make a reservation and to receive a quote.


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    Virtual Coaching Package 
    For those who purchase the i5 Complete Workshop Series but want extra support in designing, executing and trouble-shooting implementation. We will use Skype to talk you through any and all issues that arise at your school or PLC. Please click here to arrange days/times with an Inquiry Partners consultant.
    Inquiry: What Does It Look Like? video (upon request) 
    Produced in 2006, this popular video showcases two full-length trans-disciplinary inquiry lessons (a 1/2 split classroom and a 5th grade classroom). Created with PYP IB candidate schools in mind, this video focuses on the IB Learner Profile and helps school leaders and teachers observe methods for facilitating rich, full-class discussions. Sections that analyze each strategy and offer PLC questions for deeper discussion are also included. Please click here for more information.


Get Personal
Ask More; Talk Less
Maintain Neutrality
Encourage Evidence
Increase Thinking Time
  • Tell stories that allow the students to relate.  If it's important to you then it's important to your class. Make a connection.

  • Ask great questions, talk less and listen more.  Let the students struggle to figure things out.

  • Encourage more discussion by using a neutral reaction.  Students will take more risks when they are not judged.

  • Students learn to back up their evidence and ideas with sources.

  • Offer students more time to think before answering a question.  Wait for the best answers!


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Inquiry Partners is a global organization dedicated to increasing critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills through powerful inquiry-based professional development coaching and videos for teachers and trainers.