Inquiry Keynotes, Workshops and Coaching

Kimberly's highly-praised keynotes and workshops are dynamic, engaging, and model the very strategies she talks about. They are applicable for all subjects and grade levels and focus on the five key inquiry strategies. Participants become students as she models lessons and shares ready-to-implement activities and tools.

Kimberly also specializes in setting up lab classrooms, Japanese lesson study, real-time coaching, and lesson demonstrations.

Not Your Typical Professional Development Experience

Our approach is unique. We share inquiry-based instructional strategies by modeling them ourselves. Inquiry Partners adheres to a ‘belief-follows-practice’ theory of change. We boil down the research to its most essential elements, demonstrate for teachers what these practices look like in real (and simulated) classrooms, collaborate, co-create with teachers in “lab” classrooms, offer clear and ready-to-implement inquiry-based instructional strategies, and offer tools and templates to help teachers reflect upon and evaluate impact. By narrowing the instructional focus to five key strategies and simulating them in authentic settings, teachers are better able to transfer this back to the classroom.

Recent Engagements

Northwest Association of Independent Schools (fall 2017)

Annual conference workshop presenter (Inquiry: What Does It Look Like?) and one-day workshop at The Bush School

Emily McGrath •

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (summer 2017)

Lead facilitator, Creating Dynamic and Engaging Classrooms for Title II statewide summer teacher workshops (700 participants)

Queen Margaret School, Duncan, B.C. (2016)

One-day workshop for independent school teachers on Creating Engaging Classrooms through Inquiry

Alison O’Marra Armstrong •

University Child Development School (UCDS) (2016-17)

One-year contract to help research and develop the College of School Culture, a new Master in Teaching and School Leadership program

Julie Kalmus •

St. Luke Elementary School, Shoreline, Washington (2015-16)

Year-long workshops and coaching for the staff at St. Luke Elementary, a K-8 parochial school on active learning, inquiry-based instruction and utilizing social media for professional development.

Rick Boyle •

Highline Public Schools, Burien, Washington (2015-16)

One-year contract to create and facilitate the Teacher Leaders workshops and lab classroom support initiative for district secondary specialists and teacher leaders at Pacific MS, Chinook MS, Highline HS

College Access Now, Seattle, Washington (2016)

Powerful Classroom Management Strategies for HS Students workshop (40 participants)

Karissa Marciel •

Federation of Independent Schools Association, Keynote Speaker, Vancouver, B.C. (2015)

50th Anniversary keynote address and workshop on inquiry-based instruction (over 2,000 participants)

West Seattle High School, Seattle, Washington (2014-16)

Worked with the Career Ladder teachers and staff leading workshops and lesson simulations on inquiry, real-time coaching, PLC facilitation (using Consultancy Protocols from the National Reform Faculty), Japanese Lesson Study (lesson rehearsals and peer observations), and gathering student feedback through video and written surveys.

Harvard Elementary, Briargrove Elementary, Mark Twain Elementary, School at St. George Place, Houston, Texas (2015)

Five-day workshop on Creating Curious Classrooms (300 participants total)

Kamiakin Middle School, Kirkland, Washington (2015)

One-day workshop on Inquiry-Based Instructional Practices

Danielle Warman •

The American Community Schools Learning Differences Conference, Athens, Greece (2015)

Keynote address and break-out session: The Most Engaging Classrooms in the World (250 participants)

Steve Medeiros •

Alberta Association of International Baccalaureate World Schools, Edmonton, Canada (2015)

What Does Inquiry Look Like? lesson simulation and workshop (120 participants)

Sarah L’Hoir •

Washington Gifted & Talented Conference, Tacoma, Washington (2015)

“Bulk Up Your Toolkit” Inquiry: What Does It Look Like? workshop (50 participants)

Schools Out Washington Bridge Conference, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington (2015)

Workshop on Inquiry in out of school contexts (65 participants)

IB Americas Conference, Washington, D.C. (2014)

Inquiry: What Does It Look Like? simulation and workshop w/ simultaneous translation (125 participants)

Michael Leshner •

Washington State PTSA Annual Outreach Skills Training, Burien, Washington (2013)

What’s different about the Common Core? Simulated lesson and workshop (50 participants)

Brightmont Academy, Seattle, Washington (2013)

Disruptive Innovations in Education workshop and consultancy facilitation to all national school leaders (20 participants)

Ruth Wilson •