Powerful Inquiry Video Workshops - Available for purchase & instant download

The inquiry five "i5" Video Series consists of five videos (each 10-15 minutes in length) showcasing specific strategies and examples of powerful, research-based inquiry teaching in real classrooms. Each session is designed for a one-hour experience for individuals or groups.

Elementary/Middle School Series - $550


Elementary / Middle School Series with bonus video Inquiry-Based Instruction: What does it look like? - $650


Secondary / High School Series


Coaching for Teachers, Trainers, Parents & Community Groups

Do your teachers need to experience inquiry, not just talk about it? We can come to your school community--in person or virtually--to demonstrate all five strategies.

Please let us know if you'd like to discuss your needs and how Inquiry Partners can help. Our 90-minute inquiry simulations are very popular, so make sure you reserve well in advance for these sessions!

Inquiry Partners supports teachers. From initial teacher training to ongoing professional development, we partner with teachers to help them improve. Against a backdrop that puts pressure on the teaching profession to prepare students for the Common Core, and increased assessment of teachers, we try to help individuals be the best teachers they can be, and bring the joy back to teaching and learning.
Our five inquiry strategies can be used in any classroom, with any subject, in any grade level (K12, PYP, MYP, DP). The i5 strategies support student development of 21st Century skills, including critical thinking, analytical thinking, communication, and problem solving skills. These strategies foster engaged learning in any environment, whether blended learning, flipped classroom, or more traditional models. Inquiry learning is truly ‘minds-on’ learning that elicits student engagement.
Our materials are mapped to the Danielson rubric, as well as Common Core standards. They are used in International Baccalaureate (IB) schools around the world to train teachers in inquiry techniques as part of the IB authorization process.