Agustina Blanco

Agustina Blanco is an internationally-renowned educational leadership consultant. Currently a member of the Education Department of the Universidad de San Andrés, Bs. As., Argentina, Agustina teachers courses in educational leadership and social studies pedagogy, collaborating in research projects and coordinating programs in educational leadership. She is an independent consultant for school improvement projects in low income districts in the provinces of Formosa, Chaco, Tucumán and Buenos Aires, as well as for Educatina, a web-based education company.

Agustina is the author of La Escuela Protagonista, published by Fundación Grupo Sofia in 1999. She has worked as a high school social studies teacher in public schools in Port Chester, NY and Stamford, CT, as well as a history and citizenship teacher in the School of Continuing Education, Board of Education, Greenwich, CT. Agustina has worked on research projects as a member of the Education Department of Fundación Grupo, Sofia, Bs. As., Argentina. 

She has collaborated on education projects with Save the Children in the U.S., as well as designed and implemented critical thinking education programs for NGOs in Argentina. She is a board member of Enseña por Argentina, and an advisory board member of Proyecto Educar2050 and Fundación Córdoba Mejora.

Agustina holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Catholic University of Argentina, Argentina, M.A. in Education from Manhattanville College, and M.S. in International Relations from New York University.