We Believe

We believe that great inquiry-based teaching is an art form that has the power to inspire change (and that anyone can learn to do it).

We've spent decades working side-by-side with school leaders, teachers, corporate trainers, and non-profit instructors on establishing inquiry-based mindsets, approaches, and tools that inspire change, achieve results, and engage students of all ages at high levels. Small shifts in how we teach can and do yield huge results in how students learn!

Not your typical Professional Development

We share inquiry-based instructional strategies by modeling them ourselves. We boil down the latest neuroscience and brain research to their most essential elements. We demonstrate for teachers what these elements look like in real classrooms and training sessions. We co-create and demonstrate lessons, offer real-time feedback inside staff rooms and classrooms, provide ready-to-implement inquiry-based design strategies, videostoolsand templates.

Experience Inquiry Interactive Work Book

Part workbook, part reflective journal, Experience Inquiry guides you through the 'inquiry five' strategies using 50 activities that are designed for individual reflection, small group PLCs and with students at all levels. Don't just read about inquiry, experience it!

The Inquiry 5 Video Series

Watch how teachers implement each of the five inquiry strategies in their classrooms in this bestselling series of videos designed for teachers to watch and reflect on together. Videos are available for both primary grades and secondary teachers.


Come experience inquiry firsthand in one of our immersive workshops. During our workshops, you will practice, receive feedback, and reflect on your teaching and facilitation moves. Check out our upcoming schedule, grab a couple of colleagues and join us! Yes, we offer clock hours.

On-Site Consulting

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with principals, teachers, and trainers is our bread & butter. We offer dynamic and hands-on workshops, real-time coaching, design thinking sessions, expert facilitation and inspiring keynotes. Our primary goal with every engagement is to foster connection and inspire action.