Liberating Structures for Educators

A One-Day Immersion Workshop

June 8, 2018

University of Washington


Do you ever feel like you struggle to quickly invent and re-invent the best structures so that your teaching doesn’t only rely on raising hands, lecture, and open discussion where only the most bold and articulate students participate?

Liberating Structures are a collection of 33 powerful facilitation strategies that can be used in our everyday classrooms, block classes, project planning sessions, presentations, and staff meetings. They are fun and functional group process methods for truly engaging everybody and working together in more inclusive and creative ways.

The Liberating Structures’ design shifts move us gently away from constraining conventional structures (e.g. lectures, open discussions, status reports, review, brainstorms) and toward teaching practices that quickly foster lively participation in groups of any size.

Join Inquiry Partners for this one-day immersion workshop on Liberating Structures. Experience with other educators how tiny shifts in how we organize our students and craft the invitations for inquiry can dramatically change student engagement and make teaching easier and more joyful.


In this workshop, you will:

> Learn and practice the fundamentals of several of the 33 Liberating Structures

> Explore how Liberating Structures can apply to your current content lesson plans and learning goals

> Give and get help from other educators through rich conversations

> Find new ways of operating for improved school life through more engaged lessons, classroom culture, and even faculty meetings!

Open to all middle school /high school/ higher-ed/ adult level educators and administrators.

Teacher Clock Hours Available: Six (6) credit hours provided by UW Continuum College (UWC2)- $45

(*No refunds with cancellation within 7 days of event)

June 8, 2018 -  8:30 am.-4:00pm
University of Washington- Mary Gates Hall


Facilitators - Maggie Chumbley and Kimberly Mithchell


Hey! I'm Maggie Chumbley and I'll be the lead facilitator for this workshop. I'm a high energy facilitation geek who loves to use phrases like, "pedagogical choices". I also love to talk about how instructional design functions, and the role of the facili-trainer

I currently work as a facilitator, instructional designer, and consultant on organization learning and inquiry based instruction. When I worked in schools, I taught high school social studies and English. 

As a seasoned Liberating Structures practitioner, I'm really excited to bring theses approaches to educators. I especially LOVE asking, "How is participation distributed?" and, "What can we STOP doing to make room for innovation?"  :-)



Hi, Kimberly Mitchell here. I'll be taking a co-facilitator/co-learner/supporter role in this workshop. As a co-founder of Inquiry Partners I'm am continually amazed by how small shifts in how we teach, ask questions, and hold our disposition as educators and facilitators can dramatically shift the experience and depth of learning. I love to talk about how Inquiry is MAGIC and how learning should be joyful. 

Last year I met an educator who shared this phrase with me that has now become a mantra of sorts with us at Inquiry Partners. She said, "At the end of the day, who's armpits are more sweaty? Yours, or your students?"