Founder, Kimberly Lasher Mitchell


Kimberly experienced her first inquiry-based lesson watching a colleague at Colegio Americano International School in Quito, Ecuador over twenty years ago. She's been hooked ever since!

After years of working with teachers around the world on developing great inquiry practices, she started Inquiry Partners in 2014 to broaden her reach.

Kimberly also teaches several undergraduate courses at the University of Washington's College of Education, where she continues to 'walk the talk' of inquiry. She is a former IB principal, Senior Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Director at Teach for All, and a frequent speaker and presenter on inquiry-based instruction. She is a graduate of Stanford University's Education Administration and Policy program. 


Advisors and Consultants

We are a team of inquiry enthusiasts and champions. Our diverse partners and advisors include award-winning teachers, IB principals, education technology professionals, PBL authors, international school educators and parents. Our work is rooted in decades of classroom practice all over the world.