What do you have to celebrate today?

I lost my cell phone after parking in downtown Seattle for a morning meeting. It must have slipped off my lap when I got out. Being so attached to my phone these days (who isn’t?) I noticed its absence right away and chided myself for leaving it at home or in the car, especially since my 9-year old son was left sick at home for the day.

I didn’t panic. There are neighbors in case of any emergency. Plus, my son’s situation seemed more like Ferris Bueller’s day off ruse than a legitimate illness (as evidenced by the cereal bowls and warm TV).

 Later that day I received an email from my husband: Someone found your phone on the ground. It will be at the Compass Center.

 Where is the Compass Center? How did this person get a hold of my husband? How do I get it back?

My husband (a teacher) was unable to talk so I spent the next coupe of hours tracking my phone and trying to piece together answers to my questions.

The Compass Center turns out to be a homeless center. My transit pass was a attached to my phone the person who found my phone used it to traverse the city, as you can see on the map below.

For hours I made up hilarious stories in my mind about the adventures my phone must be having. In the end, my husband met Kyle, the nice man who found my phone at the homeless shelter and gave him $15 for his trouble. Kyle said he saw a text I wrote to my husband letting him know about our son staying home from school and was concerned. When they parted, Kyle inquired about where my husband was headed next. “Home…to my family…you?,” he replied. “Man, I’m just heading down this alley,” said Kyle. Being reunited with my phone was a huge celebration.