Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother was also a teacher. She taught in the New York City public school system for her entire career, spanning decades. The attributes that made her a great mother also made her a wonderful teacher. Here are some of the life lessons I’ve learned from her:

1.    Live in the moment and enjoy every moment to the fullest. My mother doesn’t spend her time yearning for what was or worrying about what will be. At the age of 75 my mother enjoys each day immensely and fills her days doing what she enjoys.

2.    Play. My mother is one of the most playful people I know. Whether she is competing on the tennis court or letting one of her 7 grandchildren lead her in a game of make-believe my mother loves to play. She often says she still feels like a child.

3.    Never stop learning. My mother reads a lot, follows current events, attends lectures and enjoys learning from everyone around her, including her young grandchildren. 

4.    Keep your heart open. My mother loves her three children fiercely. She also loves our spouses and her 7 grandchildren. After my father passed away she was not afraid to open her heart and find love again.

5.    Be positive. My mother is extremely optimistic. She always looks on the bright side and focuses on the positive.

I know my mother positive impact on many students’ lives. Words can not express my gratitude for all she has given me.

Happy Mother’s Day!