Some say that schools are places where children go to watch adults work really hard.

Inquiry strategies help put the cognitive demand back on the students - where it belongs.


I have just read the evaluations from this weekend’s training, and it’s official. You were one of our most popular presenters. Many attendees mentioned you by name as being “the most beneficial part of the training.” They thought you were wonderful.
— Director of Outreach, Washington State PTA
I thought the simulation workshop was amazing! So often we go to workshops and new ideas come up but are never modeled. Refreshing! I noticed some people were not comfortable at first but they joined in just like a classroom. Really effective!
— Teacher, International School, Bangladesh
Have you ever been to a musical where you feel like dancing out into the street when it’s over? That’s exactly how I felt after watching you teach! Completely inspired to do it myself.
— Teacher, Connecticut
I was gob smacked when I watched you work in my classroom. The most active students in your lesson are some of the students who rarely participate in mine. In fact, one is an ELL student who hasn’t made a peep until your lesson today.
— Teacher, International School, Trinidad
Your video highlighted for me important ways to observe the difference between an inquiry lesson where the students are truly driving the conversation versus a teacher trying to lead students to a conclusion.
— Principal, New York City
I hope my school invites you to come again. This is the most down-to-earth and helpful professional development I’ve ever experienced.
— Teacher, California
I really enjoyed the simulation workshop and classroom demos. In some ways, they validated what I’m already doing and in other (more!) ways, it encouraged me to cut loose and dig much deeper.
— Teacher, Colorado
Your wisdom, humor, and strategic work with our team has completely changed the lay of the land and how we approach our work with students now.
— Administrator, Argentina
This was the best professional development I’ve ever participated in. The lessons were exceptional because they allowed us to learn the way we should be teaching, using solid demonstrated examples. Thank you!
— Teacher, Vancouver, B.C.
An effective workshop is like an effective lesson. It might just be an hour of your life, but can be life-changing...I stopped repeating for quiet students and I give my students plenty of thinking time now. Small changes, maybe, but big differences!
— Teacher, Alberta, Canada