i5 Video Workshop Series

Heard about inquiry-based instruction, but want to know what it looks like in action?

Inquiry Partners videos shows you five key inquiry strategies and gives you a peek into classrooms to see how teachers use each one in multiple classroom levels, subjects and settings. Watch teachers integrate each strategy and use our workshop modules to facilitate discussions and encourage immediate implementation. Each module is designed for use in one-hour PLCs, staff and parent or community meetings. We have an elementary and middle school series (ages 5-12; multiple subjects) and a high school series (ages 12-18, multiple subjects). 



See i5 video content. Click the image here to watch a clip from i5 workshop #2: Talk Less; Listen More

What Are the Inquiry Five "i5"?

Workshop #1: Get Personal How can we reinforce and strengthen emotional bonds with and among students and with the lesson content?  

  • Storytelling
  • Connecting
  • Provoking

Workshop #2: Ask More: Talk Less When and how can we offer students more opportunities to discuss and think aloud in pairs, small or large groups? 

  • Student-to-Student Talk
  • Asking Great Questions
  • Helping Students to Ask Great Questions

Workshop #3: Encourage Evidence How and when will students be asked to cite sources and back up their claims? How and when can we, as teachers, share our own evidence? 

  • Acknowledging Personal Experiences
  • Citing & Analyzing Sources
  • The Google Generation

Workshop #4: Remain Curious How will we react to student conjectures and ideas so that our reactions increase students' willingness to take intellectual risks? 

  • Asking More Questions
  • Enlisting the Classroom
  • Showing Appreciation

Workshop #5: Extend Thinking Time What strategies will we use to offer students time to reflect and think through difficult questions and problems? 

  • Reflection & Wait Time
  • Mindfulness
  • Movement

The i5 Series also includes the following supporting documents and resources:

  • Video clips of teachers enacting each of these strategies in real classrooms
  • i5 Student Survey Questions
  • Planning for Inquiry Guide
  • Inquiry Lesson Observation Tool
  • i5 Student Inquiry Observation Tool
  • Inquiry Resources and Research Base

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In-person workshops are also available. Click here to learn more.

Inquiry Partners supports teachers. From initial teacher training to ongoing professional development, we partner with teachers to help them improve. Against a backdrop that puts pressure on the teaching profession to prepare students for the Common Core, and increased assessment of teachers, we try to help individuals be the best teachers they can be, and bring the joy back to teaching and learning.
Our five inquiry strategies can be used in any classroom, with any subject, in any grade level (K12, PYP, MYP, DP). The i5 strategies support student development of 21st Century skills, including critical thinking, analytical thinking, communication, and problem solving skills. These strategies foster engaged learning in any environment, whether blended learning, flipped classroom, or more traditional models. Inquiry learning is truly ‘minds-on’ learning that elicits student engagement.
Our materials are mapped to the Danielson Teaching Framework, Marzano's Framework, as well as the Common Core State Standards. They are used in International Baccalaureate (IB) schools around the world to help teachers implement inquiry techniques as part of the IB authorization process.