Our mission is to connect teachers globally and provide them with the most powerful research-based instructional strategies to improve student engagement and develop 21st Century learning skills. 

In collaboration with respected inquiry advisors and practicing teachers, our team is dedicated to improving the learning experience for students and the teaching experience for teachers. We are teachers, students, principals, tech leaders and parents who are dedicated to helping more teachers around the globe implement inquiry-based instruction.

We keep it simple, not simplistic.

Kimberly mitchell     AMY SATIN SPINELLI

Founder / CEO         FOUNDER


Erin Gustafson         SCOTLAND NASH            

lead consultant       senior consultant                


Paula BaxTer

Principal, International School of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

agUstina blanco

Educational Leadership Consultant, Argentina

Nathan Bowling

Milken Foundation Award winning teacher

Elham Kazemi

Professor and Associate Dean at University of Washington


Public radio host and technology reporter

Katrin Kirchhoff

Associate Professor at University of Washington

Leslie Maniotes

Educational leader and expert in guided inquiry

Thom Markham

Founder and CEO of PBL Global

Kathie Tourangeau

 IB Workshop Leader and Consultant

Marie White

Vice President, Operations, Teaching Channel


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